Log4Health is a health, and healthy habits tracking application that helps you keep track of 4 key aspects that matter to your health on a daily basis:

  1. what your eat
  2. your water intake
  3. your exercise/physical activity
  4. your sleep

You can download it for the iOS and Android platforms.

Try it for yourself, see if you don’t get addicted to it! We can guarantee you, it’s a healthy addiction to invest in yourself – small moments to check-in with yourself throughout the day!

  • You don’t need to create an account or login.
  • You can use the app offline.

Audience: Who is this app for?

There is so much information out there about food and activity and water and sleep. In the ideal world, there’s no need for tracking these things if you just do the right thing on a daily basis. You don’t build up a deficit of sleep or water – you get enough of the right things.

But it’s not an ideal world. There are many temptations when it comes to lifestyle choices like making time for exercise, and choices of the foods we eat – pleasure foods everywhere! Shortcuts – spend less time on making food, grab something on the go. Maybe these are not all bad choices. But maybe it’s good to look a bit closer, to actually know?

The smart busy professional

You are a smart person who knows all the right things. But, thanks to a busy schedule or just your own set ways of doing things, you find it hard to do the right things. This app can help you get on track and stay on track, being accountable only to yourself.

You track only what you want to. You get insights to the extent of what you track. We’ve made it so that everyone gets something out of the insights, even if you choose to put in very little effort into logging your data.

The newbie to health-tracking

You’ve never thought of health tracking, but you suspect that perhaps you are not eating as healthy as you should? Or maybe you do some exercise during the week, but is it burning enough calories compared to what you eat? You are curious to see how they compare. You want to become more aware, more mindful.

The health fanatic

You like to know exactly what is in your food, and you know all about macro nutrients, about getting enough micro nutrients, etc. The app gives you the ability to track your macros, and other key food groups that you might care about.

Short-term users for specific health goals

In general you are happy to carry on without specific health tracking, but there is a special reason you want to track for a short period of time, say a few weeks, or a couple of months, maybe in order to reach a weight goal, or some other health goal.


You get actionable insights into your day and an easy, intuitive way of keeping track of the essentials throughout your busy day.

  • At a glance graphical view of your calories in vs out.
  • Activity graphs with intensity (low, moderate, vigorous) or logged with minutes in heart rate zones.
  • Important macro- and micro-nutrients from your food logs.
  • Fruit and vegetables eaten (or not!)
  • You start the day with stars for not consuming anything from the non-essentials category (sweets, fried savories, alcohol, excessive caffeine). If you consume any of these, you log them to be accountable to yourself.
  • The insights then take away the corresponding star for the non-essential category you consumed.
  • Water consumption – did you get your 2 liters of water today?
  • Quality and quantity of your sleep

Food Logging

Food logging is made super easy: whether you are a newbie at food logging or a pro, you will find the tools in this app useful. The idea is to start simple, and build you knowledge of healthy habits as you go along.

The app shows you quick select options from your own entries at the same meal moments from previous days. Once you build a few days of logs, it gets easier and easier!

Don’t have a clue how many calories are in something you ate? The app detects nutrients and gives guesstimate calories if you know the approximate amount you ate. In 2 weeks, you will learn to make good-enough estimates of calories of your meals.

Don’t know anything about macro-nutrients? Learn in small snackable chunks by tracking the foods you eat, and from whatever is auto-detected by the app. Or head to the resources section to learn more on each of these topics.

Activity Logging

Activity logging is manual for now, but activity-tracker integrations: coming soon!

Here too you can select previous entries and prefill your effort, distance, calories burnt. If you have a usual route for your run or walk, or a biking commute route, you only enter it once, and prefill info from it each next time!

Sleep & Water logging

You know that sleep and water are important factors in your daily life and health. But do you remember how many days of the last week did you sleep enough? Well enough?

Log 4 Health lets you keep track, and look back. Sleep and Water logging are just a couple of clicks – easy!

Our philosophy is to leave all data entry optional – this means you can use the logs as place holders, fill and save partial info, then come back to the entries when you have more time.

Nothing is mandatory, not even your profile. You decide the level of detail you want to track stuff at.

If you don’t enter any profile data (like age, gender, height, weight), the app will use averages and defaults in giving you insights.

The app insights give you tips and broad guidelines, and gentle motivation, but you are your own boss: no nagging reminders, no guilt trip!

You log these 4 aspects of your day (at whatever level you want to commit to), and you stay accountable to yourself.


Some icons in the app have been used from the Noun Project under the Creative Commons License BY 3.0, see full list of attributions here.


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