Image Credits

Google Play Store icon: By Google – Own work using:, Public Domain,

Noun Project Icons Attribution

The following icons are used within Log 4 Health from The Noun Project. These are under the Creative Commons License CC BY 3.0. (Icon colors have been adapted to match the app.)

Alcohol icon by Pause08

Butter icon by Vectors Point

Cereals icon by IconMark

Coffee icon by Uswa KDT

Dairy icon by Sou

Devil icon by Royyan Wijaya

Elliptical icon by Fitbit Creative Labs

French Fries icon by Jyoti Vyas

Fruit icon by Eucalyp

Olive oil icon by monkik

Plant Fibers icon by Foodicons Collection

Protein icon by Turkkub

Sweets icon by Lars Meiertoeberens

Treadmill icon by Baboon designs

Vegetables icon by iconixar

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